Primary Health Care

The project’s objective is to improve child health and primary prevention of illness in poor households.

A total of 60 St John volunteers carry out their work in Ndirande and Mbayani in Blantyre. These are poor and crowded peri-urban areas, where many of the local residents have moved to the city seeking opportunities and the possibility of a better life for themselves and their families.

Household outreach by volunteers
St John volunteers make visits in the local communities to assess household conditions, and follow up when needed.

Volunteers check on the conditions of refuse disposal, toilets and hygiene and indicate actions that households need to take to improve sanitation.

During these initial visits, volunteers also check on household members to see if anyone is visibly ill or malnourished and refer people to the Home Based Care Project or to the local health facility as needed. If the volunteers identify small or underweight children, they educate the mother on how to best feed the child.


Under-5 Outreach Clinics
Outreach clinics for children under the age of five years are carried out through collaboration between St John Malawi and the local health services.

The outreach clinics focus on two essential interventions: monitoring children’s healthy growth, particularly after breastfeeding stops up to the age of five years; and providing childhood immunization.

The purpose of childhood growth monitoring is to reduce the likelihood of under-weight children and stunting, and in serious cases to improve the health status of children who are malnourished.