About Us

St John Malawi performing first aidSt John Malawi is a non-profit trust registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act 1962 of the Laws of Malawi.  Also it is a member of the Non-Governmental organizations in Malawi.

The headquarters of St John Malawi is in Limbe, on the outskirts of Blantyre and comprises office space with a large meeting/training room.  Opportunities are currently being sought to expand the existing building which was constructed in the early 1980’s through a grant from the Beit Trust.  The expanded activities of St John Malawi now mean that the original premises are too small.



To be a leading organisation in transferring skills and knowledge to communities throughout Malawi in prevention of injuries, diseases and promotion of good health.



St John Malawi is a voluntary organisation which provides commercial First Aid training to the public and transfer skills to communities as a first response to accidents and injuries and to promote primary health care and health education to all regardless of race, religion political, beliefs, age gender, HIV status or disability.



St John Malawi was originally established in 1957 in the then Nyasaland (Malawi). It is a non-profit NGO registered in 2000 under the Trustees Incorporation Act 1976 of the Laws of Malawi.

For many years, St John Malawi core programme was the provision of first aid training provided to employees of private companies and public institutions and first aid services in public functions. In recent years, St John Malawi diversified its activities to include comprehensive local community interventions.