Home Based Care

St John Malawi volunteers provide care to chronically ill patients in the townships of Ndirande and Mbayani in Blantyre; and in two rural sites, Kauma and Chiuzira in Lilongwe.

This involves:

  • Training care givers, and/or directly providing the care to the patients
  • Motivating community members to go for voluntary counselling and testing (VCT)
  • Referring patients to the hospital.

Over 2,300 chronically ill patients have been enrolled in the Home Based Care Project, where approximately half of them are HIV positive.


 So far, 120 St John volunteers and 125 volunteer from other local community based organizations have been trained in Home Based Care. This includes bed bathing, mouth wash, wound care and bandaging, feeding and pressure area care.

These St John volunteers have trained 592 family members/guardians as household care givers, and a further 650 were trained by local community based organisations working with St John.