Bonnie Kondowe: My experience as a first aider

Posted: 23 Oct 2014
Category: General
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Bonnie Kondowe describes the time when her first aid training enabled her to save her neighbours life

Someone came to our house knocking and seeking help. The said that our neighbor was not in good condition (unconscious). It was at 21:45 and I rushed to the scene hearing children and their grandmother crying. I went into the house and asked the relatives about what happened, the casualty closed her eyes but I convinced the relatives that she is okay. I did the ABC thus opening the air passage, checking breathing and circulation of blood, the results were promising and I went forward with CPR, just after two compressions the casualty showed some signs of consciousness. Finally we took the casualty to Mzuzu Central Hospital with my First Aid report.


Bonnie Kondowe was able to help her neighbour because she was trained in first aid. We train countless individuals like Bonnie all over Malawi. Find out how you can support us today by clicking here.